Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mommy and Me TIme

It has been nice having Adele visiting for the last few days. We have had fun shopping, eatting and playing cards. She plays a mean Canasta! We also went to the outlet stores and I found a dress for $1.80, which makes it look even cutier. Then we had to go get Sushi because Adele has not been to Baby Blue yet and we had her help us with our search for the ultimate sushi. They have some interesting combos, with the Crunchy Blue being the bomb.
Since it has been cold (like -9 degrees before wind chill) we rented a couple of movies. Have I said how much I like Family Video? Videos are only $1 each and new releases are $2. Even though one of the videos was a bomb, it was ok because it was only $1.
Adele is armed with her new GPS from Costco so she is out of here. Until next time!


  1. Tell Adelle I said HI! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Love all the deals!

  2. As Matthew would say...I want some M&M time. Hope you guys are having a great vacation. Love you!!