Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Babies: Logan and Matthew


  1. What cute pictures, they grow so fast. That picture of Kirk is awesome. Send me info about your cruise, I want all the details. Also, I am sad about your weather, I miss it. The weather here is always wet, hot and moist or cold and wet. And we get both in one day. Not that I am bitter but you know how it is. Anyway, we love you tons.........Ruth and Gordon

  2. Hi guys - How wonderful to hear from you. How are you guys doing? Where do you live now? We are in Visalia, Ca. Call us at 559 625-3046 or e-mail us at So glad we can keep in touch via our blogs. We really miss you guys!

  3. Hey Kirk and April, first off thanks for sending me this link, it's fun to see how old friends from SG are doing these days.

    Second I can't believe you two have been married for sooooooo long.

    This is a great way to connect with families and friends. Your children are beautiful and the grand-children are precious.

    I was in SG yesterday for a get together at my dads on Grand Ave, we grew up on Walnut Grove just a block away from Roosevelt. I drove past all the old places and I couldn't believe how they had remodel the school! Kim Waltons house looked the same as did the Scotts. So much has been left to fall apart well others have built these 5000 sq ft mansion. Las Tunas is in another language, as is Valley Blvd. No more Angies El Burrito. :( We ordered pizzas from Petrillos.

    Tell your brother hi for me Kirk, I'll always be grateful to your mother for her kindness as I was growing up, she was a wonderful person. (The cookies/the Monkee's) and all of us playing baseball at the school.

    Debbie Salito