Saturday, January 10, 2009

Countdown to Vacation

This is why I am counting down to vacation! I can not wait to go to Florida in 14 days. It is a warm 30 degrees today but this week the highs will be 12 degrees, so that mean at night it will be in the negative numbers. We really didn't get that much snow last night, about an inch, but I wanted to show Kirk shoveling. He does have a snow blower but there is not enough snow to use it. I am sure I will have an opportunity in the next few months to show Kirk snow blowing. Mr. Macho Man doesn't even have a jacket on. I had my jacket and new scarf on (thanks Cyndie) to take this picture before I ran back into the house. Some day I will get warm enough clothes. We did have fun this morning driving/sliding around town. It is fun fishtailing.


  1. Oh my gosh! I hate driving in the snow.... Claude is still wearing shorts and it has been as low as 28 here. Have a wonderful time on your vacation. Wish we were going with you.

  2. We've only gotten snow once so far this Winter (Knocks on wood). Of course when it did snow, Jason was visiting California so I had to shovel the driveway by myself. Just wanted to say hi and I love you. We are getting ready for church so I better get going.

  3. Ok, this is the second try at a comment. I will make this to the point. Too cold, miss you, and tell Kirk to wear a coat. Don't get squished "fishing" Love you,,Ruth