Sunday, March 8, 2009

Florida Vacation in January

I know it has taken awhile for me to post something on our vacation but there are a couple of reasons. One is, I don't want it to sound like a travel log....boring. Second is, I am in denial that it is over. We always have a great time with Jim and Lori King. As you can see by the pictures we keep busy. It was relaxing having the timeshare that overlooked the Ocean. We slept every night with our door open so we could fall asleep listening to the surf.

Besides relaxing, we took in some of the local sites at Daytona Beach. We toured the race track even though none of us are big fans but it was interesting learning the history. Thanks Lori for hanging in there! We had a lot of fun at Gaterland hanging out with all of the alligators. We spent most of the day there watching the corny shows and learning way to much about gaters. Kirk really liked the huge alligator that was captured because it was eating dogs. Lori and I spent a nice morning looking at the blobs under the water, aka manatees. There was a lot of manatees because it was cold and they were flocking to the warmer water. It started raining so we didn't spend that much time there.

Well I guess it is starting to sound like a travel log so I need to stop. I think the pictures I attached are worth a million words. I wish we could go there all of the time and take everyone with us.
Kirk made the great slide show above so you can see a few of our pictures.

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  1. Way to ride the croc Kirk. Glad you guys are back from vacation and posting again - missed your blog. Looks like you had a blast!