Monday, March 16, 2009

Murder at the Four Deuces

I am still trying to catch up on my blogging so here is our excitement for February. We went to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Flint Hills murder mystery. Adele and Cortney worked hard on this huge event. Their hard work paid off because it was a really fun event. Michelle was one of the characters; who knew the girl could act. They had a lovely dinner that was inspired by food you would get served in the 20's. We partook of the different courses as the mystery unravelled. Then as a table we had to guess who the killer was. Kirk and I teamed up with Courtney's family to question the cast of characters, trying to guess who the culprit was. I believe there was about 250 people but nobody got it right. Just shows what great actors they were.

Cast of Characters: Adele has been working at BBBS and Cortney is the director. Michelle just loves to help (and obviously act).


  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun. We did a murder mystery dinner years ago with a bunch of was a blast, we all dressed up and did our parts. Looks like your florida vacation was a blast. When are you comming to california?

  2. Most definately yes, send us the info on the cruise. That would be so fun!