Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

I spent the last week hanging out with the grandchildren, Matthew and Logan, in Emporia, Kansas. One night we had a picnic dinner at Peter Pan Park where they got so tired and dirty. We were having so much fun during the week that Michelle, Matthew and Logan came up to Omaha with me to see Papa. Saturday we had a great time at the Zoo. They had not seen the Butterfly Pavilion so that is the first place we went. Then we had to go to the aquarium because Matthew likes it but this time it was Logan that would not leave. He loved the penguins and all of the fish. We also went to the Young Woman Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser where Matthew made a new "best" friend, Cooper. The Young Woman did a great job and even had activities for the kids.
Now it is back to work!

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  1. How fun, making memories with the grandkids are the best!