Friday, April 24, 2009

The World According to Matthew

I call these Matthewisms and I just had to share because they make me laugh.

Adele: I just threatened to to have Grandma Dee Dee (great grandma) take Matthew to school
Matthew's response: How? She's SO OLD! 4.23.09

Matthew to Adele: I can't WAIT to be 9 years old. I'm going to be in the adult school in church. Isn't that SO COOL Auntie? 3.27.09

Matthew to Adele: Puppito (Matthew's dog) is a girl because my mom calls her princess and she really is Auntie. She acts like a spoiled princess! 3.31.09

Matthew to Michelle as they are getting into the car to go to preschool: Sorry for the bad word momma but the bag is in the way and I can't close my fricken belt! 2.12.09

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